Kitty Corner™ Self-Grooming Brush

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cat grooming

Kitty Corner™ Self-Grooming Brush

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Kitty Corner™ Self-Grooming Brush

Does Your Cat Love To Rub?

Our Kitty Corner provides your feline friend with somewhere they can always go for a good scratching. Eliminate fur around your home, let the Kitty Corner gather hair and dandruff. Often your furniture becomes damaged due to clawing and consistent rubbing from your cat. Not anymore!

cat grooming

Cats LOVE this Kitty Corner SO much!

We couldn’t believe it, after we designed and tested it out it didn’t take more then a few days for the cats to use it as a daily ritual. The Kitty Corner opens up so you can insert food or catnip into the back of it – if needed.

Not only does it keep them away from damaging furniture – Kitty Corner helps remove loose fur that would normally end up in your carpets. It holds the hair as a hair brush would, every once in a while simply remove the built up hair. Our bristles were made for easy hair removal and cleaning, make sure to adjust the height occasionally to see what your kitty prefers!

Personally we have a few around the house with height difference so that our Cats are able to hit every angle when they need a good scratching. Made with durable plastic bristles – these are long lasting!

Easily mount it to any corner of the house, they include 3M adhesive strips on the back that are extremely strong. Your cat will not be knocking this off the wall. The adhesive can be reused aswell, simply pull off and re-stick it if needed.


  • Pointed Bristles For Easy Hair Removal & Cleaning!
  • Long Lasting
  • Pops Open So You Can Put Food Inside!
  • Comes in Gray or Blue


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